Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be at home during the cleaning?

It is up to you. Either works for us. You don’t have to be worried as we are licensed and insured.  In case you are not home there has to be an agreement about the key so we can access your home.


How can I pay for your service?

We are accepting cash, cheques and e-transfer. Payment is due on the day of cleaning.


Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours prior. Payments are non-refundable. We will keep a credit on file for your next appointment.


Do I need to have any cleaning equipment in the house?

No, we will bring everything with us. All our cleaning supplies are Eco-friendly. If you prefer to use your favorite product or equipment just provide them for us and we will be happy to use them.


What to do if I am not satisfied with your service?

We provide a service guarantee. Please call us the same day as the cleaning and we will come to correct area you are not satisfied with. If you wish us to focus on some area during the next cleaning do not hesitate to contact us and tell us how we can improve! We appreciate your feedback.


Are you pet friendly?

Yes, we like pets. We are very dog and cat friendly. We can let your dog go for a pee-break on the garden when we get to your house if you like. Also 30 minutes on-leash walk are available before or after house cleaning.


How many people will be cleaning my house?

At most, the cleaning visits will be done by the same person (owner/operator) or by a team of two. We believe that this is the most efficient and reliable way to clean your house.